Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Ocean Prey - John Sandford

Ocean Prey is the 31st entry in John Sandford's long running Lucas Davenport series. I've enjoyed each and every one and this series has only gotten better as it progresses. Now you might notice that Virgil Flowers is listed on the cover as well - this will be his 13th novel. There's always a cameo appearance by that f*****g Flowers in a Davenport book, but this time around, he has a pivotal role in the plot. I knew I was going to love Ocean Prey!

Three Coast Guardsman are killed as they try to apprehend a boat full of drug smugglers - and their product. The FBI's investigation has stalled and they need help (not that they'll admit that) Who to call? Uh huh - Lucas Davenport who is attached to the US Marshall's office, but really only reports to politicos. 

He and Bob, another Marshall make progress but need another player - an undercover agent - or two. Who better to play a perpetually stoned, scuba diving, small time criminal who's a bit witless? Yup, Virgil flowers. And Marshall Rae plays his girlfriend. 

Ocean Prey was nice change of pace from the political hot footing Lucas has been investigating the last few books - a different setting and a fresh crime, rather than building on the previous book. And one that truly takes inspiration from headlines and reality - drug running, organized crime and murder.

The dialogue is so snappy, wry and witty - and rings true. There's a dark humor running through much of the conversations and interactions. The action is fast and furious, the plot is intricate and believable and the danger is palpable. Which all adds up to one heckuva page turning read!

Sandford's writing is still fresh and engaging, even after so many books. I'm dreading the day he puts down his pen. 'Til then, bring on the next tale! Read an excerpt of Ocean Prey.


Ethan said...

I'm reading this one now!

Luanne said...

I hope you're loving it as much as I did Ethan!