Monday, February 17, 2020

The Impossible First - Colin O'Brady

I am always fascinated by those that attempt the seemingly impossible - tales of adventure, determination, courage and  stamina. That is certainly the case with Colin O' Brady’s memoir The Impossible First: From Fire to Ice -Crossing Antarctica Alone.

In 2018 Brady was determined to become the first person to cross Antarctica alone, with no support, no caches and completely human powered. In 2008, Brady was told he'd probably never walk again....and this book is the journey from that to the Antarctic.

O'Brady also works as a motivational speaker. His written work embodies that same inspirational feel. The listener is privileged to share O'Brady's fears, hopes, dreams and achievements and more - not only his public life, but in his private life as well. There's much more to this memoir than the nuts and bolts of a trek. Colin’s mission is to 'inspire kids and communities to dream big, set goals and live active, healthy lives'.

I was captivated by The Impossible First from first chapter to last. O'Brady's is an excellent writer and raconteur. The book is told in non-linear fashion that had me hooked into staying up later for 'just one more chapter'.

I chose to listen to the The Impossible First - especially as Brady himself narrates. I always appreciate hearing an  author read their work. They've lived it and know the work intimately. The inflection, emotion, emphasis and more all come from having lived it, and provide a rich listening experience. O'Brady's voice is pleasant to listen to to, well paced and easy to understand. And as I've said many times before, listening to a book seems to only draw me deeper into the story. Listen to an excerpt of The Impossible First.

An excellent and absolutely recommended book for those of you looking for adventure and inspiration. Brady isn't done challenging himself - his latest expedition is The Impossible Row.

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