Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Giveaway - The Martin Chronicles

Let's start off 2019 with a great giveaway! The Martin Chronicles by John Fried releases January 8/19 and I have a copy to give away to one lucky reader!

From Grand Central Publishing:

"A powerful and heartfelt coming-of-age novel that follows Martin Kelso as he grows up in 1980's New York and faces the magic of first experiences, as well as the heartbreak of hard-won life lessons.

Martin Kelso’s comfortable world starts to change at the age of eleven. Girls get under his skin in ways he never noticed before. His cousin Evie, who used to be Marty’s closest confidante–the one who taught him the right way to eat a pizza and how to catch tadpoles - has grown up into a stranger, mysterious and unpredictable. Marty and his best friends once inhabited fantasy worlds of their own making, full of cowboys and cops and robbers, where the heroes always won the day. But now, as neighborhood kids are attacked on their walk to school, they find themselves wanting to play a new game that better prepares them for real life.

As life changes quickly and Marty feels less secure with himself, the difference between games and reality, friend and foe, and right from wrong becomes much more difficult to distinguish. At the same time, this new world offers possibilities as exciting as they are frightening.

This poignant debut perfectly captures the intense emotion, humor, and earnestness of young adulthood as Marty, age eleven to seventeen, navigates a series of life-changing firsts: first kiss, first enemy, first loss, and, ultimately, his first awareness that the world is not as simple a place as he had once imagined." Read an excerpt of The Martin Chronicles. And you have to listen The Martin Chronicles playlist - classic rock!

"John Fried teaches creative writing at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. He received his MFA from Warren Wilson College’s Program for Writers. His short fiction has appeared in numerous journals, including The Gettysburg Review, North American Review, and Columbia: A Journal of Arts and Literature. Prior to teaching, he was a magazine writer and editor in New York, and his work appeared in various publications, including The New Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, New York, Time, and Real Simple." You can connect with John on his website and follow him on Twitter.

If you would like to read The Martin Chronicles, enter for a chance to win a copy using the Rafflecopter form below. Open to US and Canada. Ends January 12/19.


traveler said...

Thanks for this fascinating feature and giveaway.

John Smith said...

"Taught him the right way to eat pizza"--I assume that refers to buying a big slice and folding it in half!

holdenj said...

Ditto about the pizza! Thanks!

rhonda said...

Happy New Year😀

jemrah said...

thanks for the chance to win!