Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Persons Unknown - Susie Steiner

I really enjoyed the first book (Missing, Presumed - my review) in Susie Steiner's new series featuring Cambridgeshire Detective Sergeant Manon Bradshaw. Manon returns in this second book - Persons Unknown

Manon has relocated from London back to Cambridgeshire and taken a position in Cold Cases. She figures the locale change will be better for her adopted son Fly and the baby she's expecting in five months. Her sister and her young son are living with them as well.

But, old habits die hard. When a businessman dies just steps away from the police station, Manon can't help herself - she sits in on the briefings. Things get real personal when it's discovered that the victim has ties to Manon's family - and that Fly is a suspect. That's just the beginning. Lines are crossed and boundaries broken in so many ways in this latest.

Oh, where to start? I adore Manon. She's dogged, determined, feisty, fierce and loyal. Exactly the person you would want in your corner. Her pregnancy adds a level of difficulty, but also some funny moments on the way to solving this latest mystery. As with Missing, Presumed, there's an excellent. well-plotted mystery at the heart of the book, but Steiner's novels are definitely character driven. And for me, that's why I am enjoying her writing so much. I was glad to see Davy and Harriet (both police officers) return. They too have 'full' personalities and lives. Davy is also given a voice and POV in this book. And I really like the developments and relationships that Steiner has inserted into Manon's life.

I always enjoy British police procedurals - the focus is not on blood or gore, but on the clues, the investigation, and the players. There are many ways things could have played out in Persons Unknown. I had my suspicions about whodunit, but was quite happy to be not completely right.

Persons Unknown was another excellent read from Steiner - and I'm really looking forward to the third book. Absolutely recommended. Read an excerpt of Persons Unknown.

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bermudaonion said...

There is something about British police procedurals, isn't there? They seem so much more civilized. This sounds like a great series.

Mystica said...

Its nice the meticulous detail and procedures but sometimes it gets a bit stodgy!