Monday, June 19, 2017

Golden Prey - John Sandford

I've been a fan of John Sandford's Lucas Davenport series from the very first book. The latest is Golden Prey - the 27th entry!

Sandford has moved Davenport's professional (and personal) life along over the years. This latest entry has Davenport taking a deputy position with the US Marshals. This is a great development - Lucas can look at cases across the country. And even better - he can pick and choose the cases he wants to work - thanks to his political connections.

In Golden Prey, he decides to hunt down a felon named Garvin Poole. Poole has stolen from a drug cartel - and killed a child who just happened to be present. Davenport wants him for the murder and the cartel wants their money back. The cartel has sent an odd, but deadly, pair of killers after him. Who will find him first? The cops or the killers?

Ahh, there's nothing like settling in for the latest tale from a character you've come to love over the years. This locale and job change keeps the series fresh. The case is unusual and the 'bad guys' are very unique. The plotting is fast paced with lots of action. The dialogue is just as quick - and I love the acerbic, biting tone. And no 'Prey' book is complete without a reference to Virgil Flowers - it's always fun to come across it. Another excellent entry - I'll be watching for book twenty-eight.

I chose to listen to Golden Prey. The reader is Richard Ferrone, who has the most wonderful gravelly voice. It embodies the mental image I've created for Davenport. Ferrone has created voices for other characters that fit as well - the killers in this case are quite funny. Ferrone is an expressive reader and interprets Sandford's work well, capturing the sarcastic, biting humour of the dialogue. Listen to an excerpt of Golden Prey. 


bermudaonion said...

I do love Lucas but don't like that narrator's voice so I think I'll stick with print for this one.

Ethan said...

I love the Virgil Flower series, but I'll admit the sheer amount of Prey books has kept me from starting it. The audio books may be the best way to go!