Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Superfood Breakfasts with DK Canada

I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But for years, I just skipped it, either too rushed, too lazy or not hungry.

I've changed my ways and now try to get up and eat breakfast before I head to work. And yes, I've noticed a difference.

So Superfood Breakfasts: Quick and simple, high-nutrient recipes to kickstart your day from DK Canada's Great Tastes Boutique definitely caught my eye. And so did the line ...."the recipes have been compiled with busy, modern lifestyles in mind." Quick, nutritious and all the planning already done for me? Umm, yes please. The other must for me was gluten and refined sugar free. Check.

What is a superfood you ask? From the opening chapter: "These are foods that are nutrient-dense, with vitamins and minerals for the perfect functioning of our bodies." There's a great pictorial index of the superfoods along with each one's benefits.

There are 25 recipes included with lots of choice in both content and time. Me, I like the good to go ones - take it with me and eat it when I get there. Included are recipes for something I've always wanted to try, but hadn't gotten around to - Overnight Oat Jars. Well, I don't know why I haven't done it - it was really easy and only took a few minutes the night before. Or taking it with me. Smoothies are easy to drink on the drive to work.

But there are some great make aheads too. I've made the quinoa and buckwheat granola and it was really, really good. I tried it as a breakfast bowl, but found I also liked it on yogurt and as a snack in midafternoon. The quinoa superseed bread is next up for a make ahead.

With more time on weekends, the Rainbow Vegetable Frittata and Blueberry Oat Pancakes have been enjoyed by my husband as well. The breakfast parfaits would appeal to kids for a fun looking (and good for them) breakfast.

As with all DK books, the layout is great - clear and easy to read alongside great colour photos. And the bottom line? Always packed with great, useful, up to date information. Superfood Breakfasts hasn't made it to the bookshelf yet - it's been in constant use on the side kitchen counter. Recommended! See below for some sample pages.

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