Friday, January 23, 2015

Start Fresh with DK Canada

Did you make resolutions at the beginning of the New Year? I've decided to think of changes I'd like to make as goals instead of resolutions - sounds a little less negative! DK Canada has a few suggestions for books that might help you 'tackle a craft project, master a new skill or enrich an existing talent' in their Start Fresh Boutique.

Last year, I just never managed to get a vegetable garden planted for the first time in a great many years. And I really missed it. So one of my goals for 2015 is to get some veggies planted this year.

Grow All You Can Eat in 3 Square Feet is newly released from DK. And it caught my eye because of that '3 square feet'. My household is smaller and I am older, so a smaller garden definitely appeals. And I was looking to get away from planting directly in the ground as all that rototilling and weeds are getting to be too much. There are tons of ways and methods of putting in a garden. I think I'm going to go with raised beds. We have tons of scrap lumber and metal around that I could easily build small beds. (Because buying new material just seems to defeat the purpose!) But I think I might also try some fun ideas - growing strawberries in colanders suspended from a fence. There are some great re purposing ideas too - stand a pallet on it's end and use that as a vertical garden!

New to vegetable gardening? This would be an excellent reference guide for someone starting out - what and how to grow, garden plans, pest and weed control and tons more. I found lots of great ideas, despite my years of gardening.

What makes this book (and really any DK book) so good are the full colour pictures. Every tip, idea and project is fully illustrated with clear, concise and easy to follow instructions. And I always think, well, I can do that! I've got many, many pages bookmarked, just waiting for this snow to be on it's way. Have a look inside Grow All You Can Eat in 3 Square Feet.

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