Friday, March 14, 2014

Make Your March Break Great with DK Canada!

Looking for fun stuff  for you and the kids to do over March Break and beyond?
Look no further than DK Canada!
They've got a selection of great books with lots of ideas for doing and creating - all at special prices  until April 1/14.  Check out the selections here.
I must admit, I love crafting. I don't have a little one at home to craft with right now, but I'm always on the lookout for ideas for the children's craft table at my library.
There's lots to choose from in DK's Make Your Own Gifts: 52 Year Round Presents All Wrapped Up. (52?! You could do one a week!)

What caught my eye? There were quite a few amongst the five categories. (Paper Craft Projects, Stitched and Beaded Goodies, Molded and Sculpted Treasures, Make, Bake and Create Treats and Beautifully Wrapped Projects.)

Now, I myself think paper maché is loads fun, but maybe not so much for the library. (But the idea to use a screw top jar as the basis for a piggy bank was a good one) Instead I found some neat no mess paper crafts that would work. For Mother's Day the folded paper flowers look beautiful. A pad of scrapbooking papers would give lots of variety for a bouquet. We've got loads of scrap paper at work. Quilling a card would be a good choice for the slightly older crowd. Decorating a glass jar with decoupaged flowers would be a nice anytime gift for kids to give - just add a special note inside.  More uses for those clean glass jars - the dry ingredients for a brownie mix and recipe. I loved some of the wrapping and tagging ideas and have these bookmarked for future use as well - making a sturdy gift bag out of a recycled cereal box (painted or covered with paper), stamping paper to make your own envelopes, tags and gift wrap. There are many more projects, with patterns included. As always, the layout of the book is fun, easy to read, colourful and filled with pictures!

I crocheted many a granny square in my younger days, but have not picked up a hook in a long time. And quite frankly I could not remember the basics, let alone the advanced stitches, at all. So  DK's Get Started: Crochet  by Susie Johns appealed to me.

The book is nicely laid out into three sections- Start Simple, Build on It and Take It Further.

The basics are always the place to start - the types and size of hooks, yarn selection, colour choices, gauge, and a handy chart to make sure your match the needs of your project.

First up - a very simple project that re-taught me the basics - a cotton washcloth/dishcloth. It took me a bit to catch on again, but with the clear stitch directions, I caught on again fairly quickly. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed crocheting! I've peeked ahead at the rest of the book. The stitch dictionary is built on, with more photos and directions. The second part of the book utilizes more that the back and forth of my washcloth! Afghans, baby blankets, coaster, pillows, bookmarks (!) and yes - Granny Squares! Get Started :Crochet is just one book in DK's Get Started series.

Again, what I love about DK books are the photographs. I am a visual learner and appreciate seeing the 'real' thing, not a drawn picture. Well laid out and easy to follow. I'm not sure why, but crocheting is just much easier for me than knitting. Especially since I've relearned it! Thanks DK!

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