Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Start Here Diet - Tosca Reno with Billie Fitzpatrick

Well, we're already into the second month of 2014. Did you make resolutions for this year? Were they health related? And how's that going?

Personally I don't like the word resolution - I like the word change instead. And yes, I did start making some changes. I've had Tosca Reno's newest book - The Start Here Diet -  for a month now. It's taken me that long to get to the final pages. Not because I haven't enjoyed it, but because I've been reading some chapters over and over again before I move on the next section.

Reno gives us much more than a diet plan or a list of foods to eat. Her own journey is detailed in the introduction. Reno (mom to four) lost seventy pounds after age forty and shares her knowledge in this book. 

"I hope that sharing my experience and my journey to a healthy weight will inspire you to travel the same road - the road to happiness with the way you look and feel..."

From the first pages, she asks the reader to take a real look at why they overeat. In depth, personal and perhaps uncomfortable.  But "...to be truly successful in reshaping yourself is to find the why first. " These are the chapters that I read more than once.

And then down to concrete information.

How about this question? What is the one food that you can't live without?" Or think you can't live without or in moderation. Chances are it is fatty, salty, starchy or sweet. Oh, yes I have one. Tosca offers us ways to change that 'go-to' food into something healthier.

Move a little. Those New Year's resolutions are often quite extreme. Join a gym. You might have done that - but are you still going? How about working up to it slowly? I loved these suggestions. They "incorporate movement into activities you already  do - just do them smarter." There are three lists - 25 everyday activities, 25 five easy movements and 25 sport like activities. The idea is to go from not moving to moving a little and so on. It was pretty easy to work these into everyday life.

Reading labels, shopping tips and list, Reno's meal plans, recipes and suggestions on how to stay on course comprise the second half of the book. I've not read any of Reno's books before and I'm now curious about the Eat Clean Diet as well.

For me the biggest takeaway of The Start Here Diet was the first half  - taking a good hard look at yourself, your life and your eating habits. Read an excerpt of The Start Here diet.

You can find Tosca Reno on her website, Facebook and Twitter.

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