Monday, December 16, 2013

Pies Sweet and Savory from the DK Gift Boutique

 I came into an abundance of apples in the fall - I now have enough applesauce and apple pies to feed a small army. I'd had my fill of pies by the time I wrapped the last one up for the freezer. But recently I picked up Pies Sweet and Savory from DK Canada. It's one of the great titles in their 30% off Gift Boutique promo that runs until Dec. 24th 
And I discovered a wealth of new recipes - and knowledge. I'm a pretty basic cook - I've been
using a basic lard pie dough forever and for everything. I had no idea that there were so many variations of dough recipes - sweet pie dough, hot water pie dough, puff pastry, strudel, cobbler, gluten free and more! Lots and lots of colour photos and clear instructions make me feel pretty confident about my abilities to try new methods. There are great ideas (and photos) of decorative edges as well.
But what was fantastic was the wealth of ways to serve up a pie. Recipes have been included from around the world. When I think of pies, I think of traditional dessert pies. Pies Sweet and Savory is much more than that.
The table of contents at the beginning makes it easy to find a recipe for what you're looking for - and with the choice of sweet or savory. (Vegetarian selections included as well)
  • Top Crust,  Double Crust, Cobblers/Crumbles, Individual Pies/Tartlets, Quiches and Savory Tarts, Sweet Tarts, En Croutes and Layered Pies, Tartes Tatins , Potato Topped Pies
I've bookmarked more than one recipe I want to try - Raspberry Tartlets and Goat Cheese Tartlets may be making an appearance on New Year's Eve. But before that - I have found a great recipe to use up  the turkey leftovers from Christmas. Individual turkey pot pies! Freeze and  they'll be perfect for supper on the nights I have to work.
As with all Dorling Kindersley books, the book is well laid out and easy to read. Recipes are on one page, with ingredients in one column and instructions in another. Serving, prep and cook time are noted at the top. I am a visual learner - I so appreciate the colour photographs.
As the introduction says..."Ideal for novice home cooks to experienced chefs, this book contains a mixture of both old favorites and new classics for all." Sweet and Savory is a cookbook I will definitely be putting to good use.
Here's a look inside - and two recipes to try. Herby Feta Filo Pie and Banana and Nutella Crumble Tartlets. 

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