Sunday, November 10, 2013

LEGO® Play Book Challenge

We sometimes run LEGO® Create afternoons at the library on weekends and holidays. I don't think there's one staff member who can't resist running their hands through the big buckets of pieces and people before putting them out!

Apparently either can the staff at the Dorling Kindersley (DK) offices!

To celebrated the release of the LEGO Play Book, and inspired by the Handful of Bricks Challenge that appears throughout the LEGO Play Book where LEGO Fan Builders have 10 minutes to build something from just a few basic bricks, DK Canada has challenged the other DK offices around the world to a LEGO 10 Minute Handful of Bricks challenge.

"Building on the success of wildly popular The LEGO® Ideas Book, LEGO Play Book has all-new ways to encourage kids to think, build, and play creatively.

Featuring more than 200 different builds, this fun guide inspires readers with LEGO ideas to bring their bricks to life while encouraging them to use their imagination and play in new ways, creating amazing LEGO models of their very own. Featuring a mixture of simple, medium, and complex models, LEGO Play Book will teach builders tips and tricks to get the most out of their blocks. All-new models along with all-new photography spark new play ideas and LEGO creations.

There are "ten-minute builds" for quick play sessions, a "cool brick" feature with ideas for using key LEGO bricks, and a "handful of bricks" section exploring what can be done with a limited collection of LEGO bricks. This book is fantastic for any LEGO builder looking to be inspired to build and

The creations of 9 DK offices from around the world are now online! UK / USA / China / India / Germany / South Africa / Spain / Australia. Vote for your favourite before December 1/13.

"Canadians -We'd like to see what you can build too, send us a photo of YOUR 10 Minute Handful of Bricks LEGO creation to and we will post your creation here and some will be featured on our Facebook and Twitter pages." #LEGOPlay

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