Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Doll - Taylor Stevens

Doesn't the cover of The Doll just promise an 'edge of your seat' read? And Taylor Stevens delivers one....again!

I've devoured the first two books featuring Vanessa Michael Munroe - The Informationist (my review) and The Innocent (my review) - and have been early awaiting the third novel to feature this kick*** character. The Doll releases today.

Vanessa Michael Munroe is....well, she's deadly, with incredible physical skills and she's brilliant - she speaks many languages and easily assimilates into the situation or culture she finds herself in. She can read people and situations and think three moves ahead. She's also a bit of an enigma - her past is murky and has shaped her into the woman she is today. For a living, she hunts.... people. She's the shadowy figure people call on to do the impossible. Her weak spot? Innocents.

When the last book left off, Michael had allowed herself to let down her guard a bit and enjoy her relationship with Bradford - the owner of Capstone Security Consulting. In this latest book Michael herself is the one taken. A criminal kingpin called The Doll Maker has 'recruited' Michael to deliver a package - a living doll ordered by a wealthy client. To ensure her compliance, he has also taken hostage one of the few people Michael has let get close to her - Logan, the man she considers her brother. 

The Doll is told in two narratives. First, from Bradford's point of view as he and his crew try to track down and rescue both Michael and Logan. Secondly from Michael's as she tries to figure out a way to save herself and her 'package'. And then destroy The Doll Maker. Each storyline was equally addictive and kept me rapidly turning pages as the action escalated. And it truly is non stop.

What makes Steven's writing so good is her lead character. It's so much fun to have such a - as I mentioned earlier - kick*** female character. The action scenes are great, but there's a deeper level to this character as well.  She is the walking wounded and Stevens does a fantastic job depicting Munroe's inner emotional turmoil and her physical struggle to control herself. Each book out, we learn a little bit more about Munroe and her background. She is a fascinating enigma. And a character I'm hooked on. Read an excerpt of The Doll. You'll be hooked too!

Here's what Lee Child, author of the Jack Reacher books has to say...."Munroe is a sensational character and Stevens is a sensational writer, and together they put The Doll high on my books-of-the-year list."

You could read The Doll as a stand alone, but I really do recommend starting with The Informationist to fully appreciate this series. (Film rights for this The Informationist have been optioned to James Cameron)

Well, I raced through The Doll far too quickly.... I'll be eagerly waiting for book number four. You can keep up with Taylor Stevens on Facebook and on Twitter.


bermudaonion said...

I keep reading that Stevens writes a great thriller - I need to try one of her books!

Becky LeJeune said...

I just read this one as well, and it was my first time reading Stevens. I was definitely kicking myself. I'm assuming there are some pretty big spoilers having started with book three!

Luanne said...

Kathy - make sure you start with the first one.

Becky - not overly, you could go back and still enjoy the first two.