Friday, July 30, 2010

Two Years, No Rain - Shawn Klomparens

Two Years by Shawn Klomparens isn't a new book, but it is a book that is getting a lot press lately thanks to author Catherine McKenzie. Catherine started a campaign on Facebook called 'I Bet We Can Make These Books Bestsellers.' And the first targeted author? Shawn Klomparens. I had read and reviewed Catherine's debut novel Spin earlier this year and really enjoyed it. So I kind of figured if she liked Shawn's writing, I just might too. And I really did!

I was hooked after the first few pages of Two Years, No Rain. Andy Dunne is a nice guy, too nice really. He never gets upset and lately just takes what life is dishing out to him. His wife has just left him. But she thoughtfully marked the few things he could keep with sticky notes. Notably the condiments in the fridge. His job as a radio weatherman is on shaky ground. And he harbours a not so secret attraction for Hillary, a married woman - who is happily flirting back.

When the bottom does fall out of his job, an unexpected interview leads Andy to his his next career - as a host for a children's television program. The clouds just might be parting.

The more I read, the more addicted I became - what was going to happen next? Andy's journey as he rediscovers himself and faces the heartache from the past is compelling. He's the kind of character you're just rooting for. The supporting characters are just as engaging. I quite enjoyed his niece Hannah. The relationship with her uncle is refreshing. I wasn't as sold on Hillary though. Although she is portrayed as somewhat enigmatic at first, I was somewhat dismayed with how she uses Andy to fill a gap in her own life. Their relationship is a main focus of the book. But I enjoyed Andy's journey to mend his life the most. As Andy the tv host says every show "The answer was always inside me, the whole time." Klomparens uses weather analogies with great effect. The drought and hope/need for rain mirrors much of Andy's life.

I found it refreshing to read a male perspective by a male author. Kind of male oriented chick lit. Fans of Nick Hornby would enjoy Two Years, No Rain.

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 Read an excerpt of Two Years, No Rain.    Readers guide available.


Mystica said...

I like the male oriented male chicklit description very much!

Ruthibelle said...

male perspective + male author = male chick lit? lol

Nice review.

bermudaonion said...

I really enjoyed that this book was told from the male point of view too. Great review!

Unknown said...

Great review, Luanne!

Ladytink_534 said...

I hope the title is not literal! That would be awful...