Thursday, July 8, 2010

Deliver Us From Evil - David Baldacci

David Baldacci returns with another thriller! Deliver Us From Evil is the second book in the Shaw and James series.

Shaw and his partner Frank are surveilling a businessman named Evan Waller in Provence, France. Waller's latest deal, if completed, would lead to the deaths of many. Unbeknownst to them, another group, including female operative Reggie Campion, is also watching Waller. But they know him as Fedir Kuchin, ex KGB and wartime mass murderer.

The two groups eventually become aware of each other. With different agendas, can they work together to bring down an evil man or will he get to them first?

Baldacci provides lots of action, international intrigue and a plot that's very current. But, the descriptions of Waller/Kuchin's torture tactics were too gruesome for this listener. They detracted from the story rather than adding to it. Some of plotting seemed a bit far fetched. The plans laid by Reggie's group are overly 'cinematic'. The decision by some of her group to walk into certain death seems unrealistic. A romantic triangle involving Reggie, Shaw and Katie James (from the first book in the series - The Whole Truth) provides an interesting subplot. However, Deliver Us From Evil is full of non stop action and is definitely an entertaining listen.

This book was narrated by Ron McLarty - one of my all time favourite readers. His voice is rich and expressive. He creates a 'voice' for each character and they are easily identifiable.

For me, not one of Baldacci's best, but still enjoyable. Listen to an excerpt of Deliver Us From Evil. Or read an excerpt.

Judge for yourself! You've got until Sat, July 17th at 6 pm to enter to win a copy!

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bermudaonion said...

I'm sure I'll enjoy this even if it's not Baldacci's best - I love his work!