Friday, April 25, 2008

Shatter - Michael Robotham

Looking for a non stop psychological thriller? Then you've got to read Shatter by Michael Robotham. Robotham is fast becoming one of my favourite suspense authors.

A woman wearing only red high heels is teetering on the edge of a bridge. The police ask Professor Joe O'Loughlin, a clinical psychologist, to try and help talk the woman down. Joe has retired from private practice as he has developed Parkinson's disease. Joe goes to the scene and finds the woman on a mobile phone. She won't engage in conversation with Joe, but is telling the person on the other end of the phone that she's 'done everything they asked, no no, please......' Then she jumps and is killed instantly.

Who and what could have convinced someone to end their life in this fashion? Joe is asked by the police to help with the case. His personal life is in a bit of upheaval and taking on this case does not help.

Interspersed between chapters are the chilling thoughts and actions of the killer. He strikes again and yet another woman kills herself while on the phone.

This is a real tightwire of a novel. You'll find yourself reading 'just one more chapter' before turning off the light. Robotham's backlist is worth checking out as well.

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