Monday, April 14, 2008

Compulsion - Jonathan Kellerman

Okay I am sick, like really, really don't want to move sick. So I spent all weekend on the couch, armed with Kleenex, fluids, antibiotics and thank goodness - a really good book. (When my eyes would work)

Jonathan Kellerman's latest novel in the Alex Delaware series is called Compulsion. Delaware is a psychologist who consults with friend Milo Sturgis of the LAPD. This latest case begins with a stolen luxury car that is recovered with a small amount of what may be human blood. It's not a big deal until a murder is perpetrated in broad daylight with another stolen luxury car. Looking into crimes using stolen luxury cars sets Milo and Alex on the right track, hunting a killer who murders on a whim.

The characters are well written and are like old friends from past novels. The plot is tight and the action exciting. My only criticism would be that things get wrapped up a little too neatly in the last few pages. Sorry for the short review but the couch is calling. But check out this series. Kellerman's wife, Fay Kellerman also writes a great series that I will review later this month. His son Jesse Kellerman is also and up and coming author - I'll be reviewing his new on later this spring.

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