Monday, April 28, 2008

Certain Girls - Jennifer Weiner

Certain Girls is the long awaited sequel to "Good in Bed", featuring Cannie Shapiro. When we last saw Cannie she had found happiness after dumping her boyfriend Bruce. Cannie is a writer, but had enough of Bruce when he wrote an article on loving big women. Bruce is also the father of her daughter Joy.

Cannie wrote a novel "Big Girls Don't Cry" fictionalizing her life (and venting her anger) that became a best seller. Since then she has married Dr. Peter Krushelevansky, writes science fiction novels under a pseudonym and dotes on her daughter. Joy is a young woman now, preparing for her bat mitzvah. She ends up reading her mother's bestseller and realizes that it is a thinly veiled autobiography. Joy is horrified as she discovers her mother has not been entirely truthful with her.

What follows is a truly poignant story of mother and daughters, of love, struggle, triumph and family. You can't help but falling in love with Cannie and her family.

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