Thursday, February 11, 2021

The Power Couple - Alex Berenson

Alex Berenson's new novel, The Power Couple has just released. If you're looking for an action packed page turner (with a nice little gotcha), then you're going to want to pick up the Power Couple!

The cover hints at what's inside. From outside looking in, Rebecca and Brian Unsworth seem to have it all. Jobs with the FBI and National Security Agency, nice house and car, two wonderful teenagers and a marriage that works. But after twenty years, cracks are showing. And the power struggle inside their marriage has added to that. In an attempt to rebuild, they decide to take the family to Europe for an anniversary trip. And that's where the unthinkable happens.....their daughter Kira disappears....

What a great setup and premise! The Power Couple is initially told through two points of view - Rebecca and Kira. We're with Rebecca and Brian as they try desperately to get help in a foreign country. We're privy to flashbacks of Becks and Bri's lives together and how they came to be where they are now. It's real time chapters from Kira - which are just downright terrifying. Now, I did feel for Rebecca - what's happening is unthinkable. But, you know - I just didn't like her at all. And that's all good - unlikeable characters make for interesting plots. Brian? Nope, didn't like him either. I was on board with both of the teenagers though.

Berenson has done his research. And I've found that in his other books as well. The details ring true in the espionage, the technology and the agencies and their methods. And underline how real all of these machinations are.

I really enjoy the back and forth storytelling between the two points of view. It makes for addictive 'just one more' chapter reading 'til late at night. The suspense never lets up and just when it did, I realized there were still fifty plus pages to go in the book. What was left? A nice little gotcha that was a great ending! Berenson's melding of domestic noir and espionage absolutely works. Excellent escapist reading - definitely what I wanted.  See for yourself - here's an excerpt of The Power Couple. (I could see this one on the big screen too.)


Mystica said...

The author is new to me and I am always on the lookout for recommendations. Thanks for the review.

Luanne said...

Thanks for reading Mystica!