Thursday, December 17, 2020

The Twelve Dates of Christmas - Jenny Bayliss

I needed to escape Covid for the day and was looking to get lost in the pages of a feel good, heart-warming read. The Twelve Dates of Christmas by Jenny Bayliss was the perfect (and seasonal) choice!

I adore British rom-com cozies with all of the required elements - a quaint little village full of interesting shops and shopkeepers, quirky residents that are quite familiar with each other's business, a lead character that immediately endears themself to the reader, a supporting cast that have their own stories and more. And that 'more' is of course, romance!

Kate has reached that point in life where she is looking to settle down. All she needs is the right person. So....enter the Twelve Dates of Christmas - with twelve different men.

Kate is such a great lead - I liked her immediately. She's fun, a great friend and daughter and very giving. I have to say, her jobs are intriguing - a fabric designer for Liberty and a baker for the local cafe. (Bayliss herself worked as a baker and I have to say that Kate's creations were mouthwatering!) The supporting cast is just as likable. The 'Knitting Sex Kittens' were delightful! I liked that there were sub plots running through the book as well.

The descriptions of the homes, businesses and traditions of the village made me want to move to  Blexford. 

The dates are quite funny, but not every match is successful. The reader can see this clearly and we know the person she really should be with. And that's the fun of these rom-coms - the 'will they, won't they' tension, the missed cues, missteps and misunderstandings. And a happy ending is guaranteed.

I was quite surprised to find that this was Bayliss's debut novel. It was well written, engaging and just plain fun to read. I can see this one as a movie.I look forward to and I'm looking forward to her next book. But for now, here's an excerpt of The Twelve Dates of Christmas. This would be a great stocking stuffer for yourself or a friend! 

(The Christmas timing of the book is a bonus, but you would enjoy it at any time of the year.)


Mystica said...

Sounds ideal read right now - Covid has really dampened the spirit of Christmas.

Ethan said...

Nothing beats an escape read, especially this year!

Luanne said...

Mystica it was the perfect "get away from the news" read.

Ethan, you are so right! Let's hope this time next year, we're singing a different tune.

Grandma Cootie said...

I love British rom-com cozies, too, especially when they are well-written and transport me to those little villages. This sounds like an author I can add to my favorites list. Thanks for the pointer. I've added a library hold for this one.

Luanne said...

I know you'll enjoy it Grandma Cootie!