Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Ice Twins - S. K. Tremayne

Do you ever get that feeling - when you know you're in for a great read and you won't be going to bed anytime soon? I knew from the opening pages of S.K. Tremayne's book The Ice Twins, that I was in for a great twisty psychological thriller of a read.

How's this for a premise?Angus and Sarah have lost a lot in the last year - their home, Angus's job - and young Lydia, one of their identical twin seven year old daughters. In an attempt to put their lives back together they decide to move to a small cottage on a tiny Scottish island that Angus inherited from his gran. Hopefully this move will be good for their marriage - and for their surviving daughter Kirstie.

But then Kirstie says she is not Kirstie - she is Lydia. Could this be possible? Have they had a funeral for the wrong child? How could they make such a mistake?

The Ice Twins gives us a glimpse into both Sarah's and Angus's minds with alternating narratives. Throughout both there are little hints and glimpses into past events that may have precipitated the twin's death. As the uncertainty grows as to which twin is alive so does the tension and anger between Sarah and Angus. Tremayne keeps the reader guessing as things change with almost every chapter. Kirstie/Lydia's dialogue is quite chilling. Is it grief or something more malevolent?

The descriptions of the harsh weather and rundown cottage only serve to underscore the unsettled, disturbing and yes, sinister feeling of the book. (The Ice Twins would make a great scary movie!)

I loved it! Snuggle into your favourite reading chair, pull the curtains and ignore that squeak on the stairs - you're in for a great read. Absolutely recommended! Here's an excerpt of The Ice Twins.


Kay said...

Love the 'squeak on the stairs'. I've been interested in this book for a while and am seeing really good reviews. Must get it to read soon. The whole Scotland and twins things. Yep. Gotta go there.

Grandma Cootie said...

This is the first I've seen about this book. Have to read it. Just got an extended preview on Kindle and have a feeling I'll click "Buy" right away!