Friday, April 19, 2024

Everyone Is Watching - Heather Gudenkauf

Game shows have evolved from the days of Bob Barker and guessing prices to 'games' that you couldn't imagine! Heather Gudenkauf has set her latest book - Everyone is Watching - in a 'game' that will keep you turning pages 'til the wee hours. 

The prize is ten million dollars. But - there are only five players. Does that make it easier to win? Or tougher? Oh, and the competition is being streamed in real time around the world.

I like the way Gudenkauf set the book up. We meet the players in their present with flashbacks to their pasts. As you read, you'll have your suspicions about every player - and the staff.

Each event is not at what was expected by the players - or this reader! But is it really so far from reality? What will someone do for a chance at ten million dollars? The tension, suspense and action doesn't let up until the threads are all tied up in the last pages.

I can see Everyone is Watching as a movie. See for yourself - read an excerpt of Everyone is Watching.


Mystica said...

Like the sound of this one. Thanks for sharing.

Luanne said...

I hope you can find a copy!

Kay said...

I'm looking forward to reading this one. I like Heather Gudenkauf's books.

Luanne said...

Hey Kay, it’s pretty good. There’s a few grains of salt needed on some of the spots, but it’s still good.