Friday, May 26, 2023

Lying in the Deep - Diana Urban

Lying in the Deep is Diana Urban's latest YA book and my latest teen read. The title can be taken two ways - clever. 

This group of older teens are taking a learning semester on a cruise ship. Jade has been looking forward to this forever. But's she's devastated to see that her former bestie and her used to be boyfriend are the trip as well. Now's probably a good time to mention some of the themes? Jealousy and revenge are at the top of the list.

How about murder....yup there's one. Who could be the killer? Jade and her new beau are in the thick of things, trying to suss out the whodunit. But they may be suspects as well. They're supported by a wealth of supporting characters that fill in the various tropes.

Urban has melded teen obsession with a murder mystery and a nice twist in the last few chapters.

But, I do feel like some of the 384 pages could have been pared down a bit. Some scenes and events feel repetitive. The other thing I want to mention is that the teens in this are at college. Their behaviors and thinking seems to belong to younger teenagers. On the other hand, they drink and a few of them are casual drug users. Their choice of drug just kinda sat wrong with me. Seriously? M***?



Mystica said...

Not a genre I read usually but the mystery brought in adds interest.

Luanne said...

That's true Mystica.