Friday, May 12, 2023

Fit to Die - Daniel Kalla

Fit to Die is Danel Kalla's new novel.

There is such a focus on body weight in our society - rather than on being healthy. Kalla takes this skewed thinking as the basis of his plot in Fit to Die. Emergency rooms in Vancouver and LA are dealing with overdoses of an unnamed drug. Once the common thread is named, I thought, no way. But no, it's real. (and that is pretty scary)

Here's the neat bit - Kalla is himself an emergency physician in Vancouver, Canada. I can't even imagine what's he's seen or dealt with over the years. His medical expertise adds much to his book's overall feel in terms of setting, action and dialogue.

His protagonists are medical and law enforcement players whose lives intersect. Some of the characters have appeared in previous books and it's nice to see them again. The investigation is believable from both points of view.

Kalla keeps things moving at a good pace. There's a few twists that keeps the reader on their toes. Overall, an entertaining read for those who like medical thrillers. See for yourself - read an excerpt of Fit to Die.

Gentle readers there are some triggers. 


Amy said...

Thanks for the heads' up (as always!) for Gentle Readers.

I don't know what happened to me - when I was a teenager and young adult I used to love all of Robin Cook's medical thrillers. Then when I got older I became averse to anything medical related. Probably because I'm getting older :)

Luanne said...

I read all of Cook's book too Amy. I like your thinking! I don't want to read about conditions that might happen to me! Taking diet pills....umm no.