Friday, May 27, 2022

On A Quiet Street - Seraphina Nova Glass

On A Quiet Street is Seraphina Nova Glass's new novel. 

The perfect neighborhood, beautiful houses, lovely neighbours - what more could you want when you're living on such a lovely, quiet street. Ahh, the possibilities that await in such a neighborhood! 'Cause we just know it can't be perfect behind every closed door. I'm always curious to see what direction an author will take a domestic suspense read.

Glass gives us a core group of three. Cora, whose husband may or may not be cheating on her. Paige is grieving the loss of her son. And no one really knows much about Georgia, as she never leaves her house. Each woman is given a voice and we learn about what's going on in their lives. And as the book continues, their lives are woven together in an unexpected manner. I admit I went in thinking I'd have a good idea of the plot from 'meeting' the characters. I was happily proven wrong. Glass takes these neighbors down a darker, unexpected road. Some of the plot devices do require a few grains of salt, but just go with it- it makes for very entertaining and addictive listening. I wasn't able to predict what was going to happen and the ending took a nice, unexpected turn as well. 

I chose to listen to On A Quiet Street. I saw that Imogen Church was the reader and she is one of my favorites. She is a very versatile performer and I was curious as to how she would differentiate the three lead characters. Paige opens the book and Church has used a loud, in your face, taking no prisoners tone for her. It was perfect. Cora is the mother hen of the the group and is a people pleaser. Again, the voice - somewhat prim, always proper and somewhat saccharin tone matched the character. And for Georgia, an English accent is employed that is softer, and polite, but somewhat nervous. Again, just right. Church also provides different and believable voices for the male/teen characters. She speaks clearly and is easy to understand. The speed of speaking is just right. Church interprets Glass's book well, bringing lots of emotion and action to her reading. Hear for yourself - listen to an audio excerpt of On A Quiet Street.


Harvee said...

I love it, from the audio excerpt. I'm going to try it. Have a good week.

Luanne said...

Harvee - I'm so glad the excerpts are helpful! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!