Tuesday, December 28, 2021

My Darling Husband - Kimberly Belle

My Darling Husband is bestselling author Kimberly Belle's newest domestic suspense novel. 

Jade and Cam have it all - five successful restaurants, two adorable children, a beautiful house and numerous luxuries. They're living large.

Someone else knows that as well. What could be more frightening than a home invasion? A home invasion when your children are home. That's what happens when Jade. What the invader is demanding is is a very specific amount of money - and Cam has a limited time to come up with it.

Great setup! My Darling Husband is actually told from three points of view - Jade, Cam and the invader. As readers, we're privy to the details that Jade doesn't have. Suffice it to say that Cam has been keeping secrets from Jade. Not unexpected in this genre.

Jade is feisty and resists the captor both physically and verbally, even as she tries to figure out why he has chosen their family and home to invade. As she gathers info from her interactions with him, she begins to have her own suspicions - about Cam.

The timeline has now and then movement. We're in the present with Cam as he scrambles to put together the cash. But we're also in the future as he gives an interview to a reporter about the events. The captor's point of view lets the listener know a bit more than Jade does. However, Belle caught my off guard with unexpected developments in the last bit of the plot that surprised me. (Surprises are good!) Without providing spoilers, there's definitely some social commentary woven into the invader's impetus and the book's epilogue. 

My Darling Husband was a fast paced, action based listen. There were a few situations where I had to suspend disbelief, but overall an entertaining entry in the domestic suspense genre.

I chose to listen to My Darling Husband. Natalie Duke, Seth Podowitz and Charlie Kevin were the performers. They all did an excellent job. Each played one of the three main players and employed voices that absolutely suited the characters. Within those characters there are interactions with other characters and each narrator conjured up yet another voice for those situations. Each reader was easy to understand, pleasant to listen to and spoke clearly. There's lots of emotion in the book and each narrator easily captured and portrayed the action, situations and more. 


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