Friday, October 22, 2021

The Christmas Dress - Courtney Cole

Yes, more Christmas reading! This latest - The Christmas Dress - is new from Courtney Cole.

I love watching Christmas movies in the run up to the actual day - it's my not so secret vice. I can absolutely see The Christmas Dress as a movie!

Meg Julliard had dreams of making it in the New York fashion world. But, she's lost her job.....and her beloved father. She returns to Chicago and the apartment building he owned. Maybe she can sell it and use the money to set up her own label? Box 1 ticked.

But the building is old (as are the residents) and desperately needs lots of repairs. The handyman isn't old though - he's her age - and very attractive. Box 2 ticked.

The residents are a delightfully quirky crew.  Box 3 ticked. Meg quickly makes friends with Ellie, who is clearing out her possessions for an impending move. One dress captures Meg's attention. Its beautifully cut and sewn. The dress will figure prominently in this tale. You could say its almost magical. Cue Box 4.

Meg and the residents are determined to save their home and come up with some novel ideas. But will they work? The countdown is on and fingers are crossed. Box 5.

I quite liked the setting - the apartment building has lots of history. And setting the book's pinnacle moments around Christmas is perfect. Box 6.

There's heartache, heartstrings tugged, hope, friendship, love, loss and more. And you just know everything's going to work out in the end. Perfect seasonal reading. I quite liked it. Tick, tick, tick. 

Best read underneath a cozy throw with a mug of cocoa. See for yourself - here's an excerpt of The Christmas Dress.


Ethan said...

I'm not quite ready to give up on horror books for Halloween but come November, I'm fully switching gears!

Luanne said...

Ha! Good point Ethan - I skipped the horror books completely this year!