Monday, November 30, 2020

The Transatlantic Book Club - Felicity Hayes-McCoy

The Transatlantic Book Club is actually the latest book in Felicity Hayes-McCoy's 'Finfarran Peninsula' series. It's the first I've read by this author and I really enjoyed it. I didn't feel out of step at all from not reading the ones before - if anything, I just found some new titles to add to my list!

After the death of her Irish grandfather, Cassie Fitzgerald decides to travel from Canada to Ireland to stay with her grandmother Pat. Cassie easily settles into life in Lissberg, working as a hairdresser and driving the mobile library van. Well, that cemented things for me - a mobile library would be my dream job! The bricks and mortar library also starts an online book group with the US town of Resolve. Most of the members have roots in Finfarran. I thought this was fantastic idea - and discovered in the author's notes that it indeed had its roots in reality.

Hayes-McCoy explores love, loss, grief, hope, friendship and more in this multi-generational tale. I really liked Cassie as a lead character. She's one of those bright moments in a book - not perfect, but giving it her best. She comes off as quite real. I was also drawn to the enigmatic Fury O'Shea, who seems to turn up at the right time and know what is, or isn't needed. But the character who stole the show for me is The Divil - Fury's dog. Loved him! I didn't love Frankie - he's definitely the 'villain' in the book.

I appreciated the descriptions of the Irish countryside. Hayes-McCoy has a cottage of her own in Ireland and the setting details benefitted from this first hand knowledge. And I think I would love to live in Pat's wee flat above the store - it sounds so cosy.
The Transatlantic Book Club was a perfect feel-good read for me . Fans of Jenny Colgan would enjoy this book. See for yourself - here's an excerpt of The Transatlantic Book Club.

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