Thursday, June 25, 2020

The Dilemma - B.A. Paris

Bestselling author B.A. Paris is back with a new book - The Dilemma.

Livia has been planning her fortieth birthday party for twenty years. She never had the wedding she wanted, so this party will be all she dreamed of - and it has to be perfect. But as the day of the party draws near, Livia has decisions to make. She has a secret, one she knows she needs to share with her husband Adam....but when?  Before or after the party? Adam has a secret as well. One he too is in a dilemma about - when to tell Livvy? And each of their children have secrets as well.

The narrative changes from Livvy to Adam in alternating chapters. We come to know each of them and their extended circle of friends as well. The driving question of course is what those secrets are. Paris does a great job of stretching out the reveal, with foreshadowing, hints and partial truths giving the reader another reason for just 'one more chapter.'

Neither Adam or Livia want to hurt their spouse by revealing their secrets. But as they each hold theirs closer to their chest, the complications and implications from those decisions start to compound. Therein lies the dilemma.

Paris's previous books have been suspense tales and that's what I went in expecting. The Dilemma is a page turner, but not a thriller. Instead it is an exploration of family relationships, dynamics, decisions,friendship, love and loss. The reader can't help but ask themselves what decision(s) they would make. Read an excerpt of The Dilemma.

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