Friday, January 10, 2020

You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover #295

- You can't judge a book by its cover - which is very true.
 But you can like one cover version better than another...

US cover
UK cover
The 35th (!!!) entry, The Museum of Desire, in Jonathan Kellerman's long running Alex Delaware/Milo Sturgis series releases in February on both sides of the pond. I quite enjoyed this series when it first came out and kept up for awhile, but am about 15 behind at this point. The US cover is on the left and the UK cover is on the right. First difference is the use of color vs. black and white. The US cover image does indeed resemble a (colorful) museum setting. At first I thought that it was light bulbs hanging down, but looking closer it is balls on strings. It's different, calling a vortex to mind. The UK cover has a very noir, crime scene feel to it. Like a lot of UK covers, there's a tagline. But I'm not sure 'One Night of Hedonism' would really draw me in. Neither cover is really calling out to me this week. But if forced to choose, I will go with the UK cover. What about you? Which cover do you prefer? Any plans to read The Museum of Desire?
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Kay said...

Luanne, this was a series that I used to read as well. Not sure why I stopped (and I'm probably 15-20 behind). I think other series just crept in and there's only so many books one can read. The same thing happened with Faye Kellerman's series. Anyway, as to these covers, I'll go with the US one. I'm not liking the black/white vibe. Looks like an old TV series or something. Glad you're still doing this. It's fun!

bermudaonion said...

I don't love either cover either but would probably choose the US one because it's got color.

Luanne said...

I'm in the minority this week. US 2-1.

Kay, I felt the same with Faye's books - I really liked them, but they got a bit repetitive.

Icewineanne said...

I agree with you Luanne, prefer the noir 50’s, old Hollywood style cover over the US strange colour graphic.....and definitely agree that the tagline is out of place here. Had to chuckle as I’m in the same boat, I read the first 8 or 9 books in the series, enjoyed them....but for some reason never stuck with the series.