Saturday, August 25, 2018

Thomas and Friends Character Encyclopedia - DK Canada

Little Guy is a huge fan of Thomas the Tank Engine - dvds, television shows, magazines - and books. But the newly released Thomas and Friends Character Encyclopedia from DK Canada had him literally jumping up and down in excitement!

There's lots to see before even cracking the covers. See that little Thomas engine on the top of the book? Well, it's not a picture - it's real and rides back and forth on a little enclosed track! There are characters/engines portrayed on both the front and back cover, labeled with their names. We had to stop and look at each engine to see if we knew him/her. (I'm actually not surprised that he pretty much knew every one!) There are over 100 characters detailed within the book.

That detail includes a description of the character, a fun fact, an image of the real engine that was the basis for the toy train, a quote, a fact box, their home base, likes, dislikes and interesting things to note about each engine. All in full colour! The layout is what I've come to expect and love from DK - bright, appealing and easy to read.

Little Guy is a stickler for order, so we did start off reading from front to back. Subsequent readings though had us looking at the table of contents (a newly discovered item for him) and picking the page number he wanted to go to. There's also a glossary and index at the back.

Now Gramma has become fairly well versed in who's who in Thomas land, but I was quite surprised to discover how many trains there actually were. The encyclopedia includes railway friends like Harold the Helicopter and a few others.

The book held his attention for long periods of time - we read many a page at a sitting. Thomas and Friends Character Encyclopedia is a wonderful addition to his 'collection' and will be read again and again. Five stars and a big thumbs up from Gramma and Little Guy.

If you too have a little Thomas fan, you're going to want to pick up the Thomas and Friends Character Encyclopedia. Check out the excerpt below.

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