Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Word is Murder - Anthony Horowitz

I've enjoyed Anthony Horowitz's previous adult mysteries and happily picked up his latest, The Word is Murder.

Oh my gosh, it is so very, very clever! I absolutely adored it!

The murder? A woman walks into a funeral home, plans her funeral and is found murdered six hours later. Ex police detective Daniel Hawthorne is called in to help with the investigation. Hawthorne is also looking for someone to ghost write his memoirs and approaches Anthony Horowitz. Yes, you read that right - Horowitz himself is a character in the book! I must admit to being unsure if this was a fiction book in the first few chapters. (it is) And if this concept would work.(it really does)  Horowitz is soon drawn into the case as he follows Hawthorne around on his investigation.

Hawthorne is such a great character - a brilliant detective, but somewhat lacking in personal interactive skills. I quite liked him. He reminded me a bit of Cormoran Strike. The publisher describes Horowitz as a Watson to Hawthorne's Holmes and its a spot on description. I had so much fun reading Horowitz's description of himself, his thoughts and reactions. Can you imagine the writing process? The interactions between the two are wonderfully depicted.

And just as well done is the actual mystery. Hawthorne picks up on the smallest clues and discrepancies. Horowitz also tries to investigate, but doesn't have the skill set of Hawthorne. It's not clear who is the culprit and I was kept guessing alongside of our protagonists.

Clever, clever, clever. The Word of Murder is excellent reading. Here's an excerpt of The Word is Murder. And....there is a sequel coming called Another Word for Murder. Can't wait!


Mystica said...

I saw this on another blog as well. Sounds good and mysterious!

Kay said...

I really want to read this and have heard other very positive reviews of it. I think it was incredibly clever of the author (and a bit of a gamble, I suspect) to place himself in the story. Now that I know there will be a sequel, I'll get cracking on it because I do own a copy. Thanks, Luanne!

Luanne said...

Mystica - you will like it!

Kay - it is so clever and I can't wait til the sequel releases! Enjoy!