Monday, February 27, 2017

My Husband's Wife - Jane Corry

The title of Jane Corry's newest novel is sure to make you stop and think twice - My Husband's Wife. And no - it's not about polygamy - it's my favourite type of book - a twisty, psychological tale.

Now, I must admit when I started the book, I had no idea where Corry was going to go with her opening chapters. We meet Lily and her husband Ed - newly married, following a whirlwind courtship. They've moved into a little apartment - Ed is pursuing his hopes of a new career in art and Lily has just begun her career as a lawyer. Her first case is an appeal for a murderer that she finds herself strangely drawn to. Down the hall live nine year old Carla and her single mother Francesca. We meet and get to know all four. How are the lives of these four going to intersect?

Well, they do - in a most unexpected and clever way. The book covers a period of fifteen years - then and now - lives change and little girls grow up. Every one of the four is guarding a secret - from both the past and the present. But secrets have a way of coming out. As do lies. The opening prologue of the book has an unnamed character thinking...."So it's true what they say about dying. The past comes back to go with you." A great hook to draw the reader in. Those italicized entries continue throughout the book, narrowing down who it could be.

Lily and Carla are the driving narrators. Each one is a master of rationalizing the decisions they make. All four are flawed characters, and I found it impossible to muster to find sympathy or empathy for any one of them. (Okay, little Carla did get some) They're all distinctly unlikable. But it's impossible not to keep reading - I was fascinated with Corry's plotting - and the secret machinations of each player.

A strong debut - I would read this author again. Read an excerpt of My Husband's Wife.

"Jane Corry is a writer and journalist and has spent time as the writer in residence of a high-security prison for men—an experience that helped inspire My Husband’s Wife, her debut thriller." You can follow Jane Corry on Twitter and like her on Facebook. Keep your eyes out for Corry's next novel, Blood Sisters.


Kay said...

I have an audio of this one and, again, look forward to it soon. Although I will say that I often seem to need at least one character that I can like a bit. We shall see how it goes. Nice to know about the next book by this author!

bermudaonion said...

I love that kind of book too!!

Grandma Cootie said...

Great review. I finished the book about a week ago and you are spot on. What a bunch of characters but such a compelling story.