Saturday, December 10, 2016

Product Review - Seagull Black Laptop Backpack

Now that I am flying so much, I needed to re-evaluate what I was travelling with as onboard luggage. As well as how many bags I was toting travelling back and for each day to work.

I was offered the opportunity to try out the Seagull Black Laptop Backpack. While it holds up to a 15.6" laptop, I live and breath on my Ipad, which comfortably fits in the padded computer slot, secured with a velcro closure.

Both the back and backpack straps are padded for comfort. The straps are adjustable and are securely fastened to the main unit. There is lots and lots of storage in this backpack. There is a pocket and sunglasses hanger on the straps. Two water bottle nets are on each exterior side. There are five zippered pouches of increasing size in this backpack, not including an interior pen/pencil/phone (eyelet headphone slot as well)  storage.

The exterior would repel rain, but is not completely waterproof - don't set it in a puddle! An exterior carry handle at the top allows the backpack to be carried by hand or attached to a suitcase. The zipper teeth are medium weight nylon, the pulls are metal and both seem quite sturdy. Side clasps allow the user to keep the pack in tight or looser mode.

There is a great deal of room in this backpack! It would suffice for a weekend bag - and it meets the carry on measurements for plane travel. I've loaded my lunch and workday bits and bobs in and there's still room for me. It looks good too with the black (won't show the dirt!) and red accents. Overall I really like it!

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Joseph said...

They do not give off the "I am carrying very important items, including electronics" the same way a briefcase would. adapter