Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Over the Counter #330

What books caught my eye this week as they passed over the counter and under my scanner?

Well, Clown Training: A Practical Guide by Jon Davison certainly did. I had to know if it was really about clowns or if the title was a metaphor for something else. I would expect a picture of a clown if it was truly about clown training, not bland, washed out squares that say corporate training plan to me. Well guess what - it really is about clown training.....

From the publisher, Palgrave Macmillan:

"This comprehensive handbook invites you into the clown workshop and guides you through the complete processes of clown training. Both practical and reflective, it draws on Davison's 20 years of experience and provides useful exercises, games and techniques to aid the first steps in playfulness through to devising and creating performable shows."

And another interesting cover in 100 Years of Tattoos by David McComb.

From Laurence King Publishing:

"Over the past century tattoo culture has emerged from the underground and hit the mainstream. From body art’s early association with sailors, convicts and side-show acts to the current adoption of tattoo culture among celebrities, via the tattoo renaissance of the 1970s, this book reveals the entire history.

Combining a wealth of visual material from across the many cultures and sub-cultures associated with tattoos, including fashion, music and art, with examples of some of the most exquisite tattoos ever inked, the book shows more than 400 photographs, many published for the first time.

This visual history forms a unique examination of the tattoo as a form of personal expression and will appeal to anyone with an interest in body art and social history, and to anyone planning a tattoo."

(Over the Counter is a regular feature at A Bookworm's World. I've sadly come the realization that I cannot physically read every book that catches my interest as it crosses over my counter at the library. But... I can mention them and maybe one of them will catch your eye as well. See if your local library has them on their shelves!)

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