Monday, June 6, 2016

Summer Living Boutique with DK Canada

It's finally here to stay - warm weather and summer living!

DK Canada has put together a great selection of books in their Summer Living Boutique - books "full of fun activities and pastimes from firing up the barbeque or prepping your trusty bicycle, to checking out what is growing in your backyard or happening in your local park, our Summer Living boutique has lots of books to inspire you to make this summer your best ever."

For me, summer means spending as much time outside as possible - and not in the kitchen! So, Cook Healthy and Quick is the perfect cookbook for me. Over 300 recipes. Check. Nutritious meals in 30 minutes or less? Even better!

Breakfasts, lunches, mains, sides and desserts are all covered. The cheese and bacon muffins were a healthy and easily transportable breakfast on an early morning road trip. I can't wait to try the buckwheat pancakes with cherry almond sauce on a Sunday morning.

There are so many salad recipes, all unique and using fresh vegetables and herbs that are readily available in the summer. The swiss chard and sweet potato is so colourful and looks so good. (and good for you!)

Make up some almond and apricot energy balls to take on your hike. Picnicking? Upscale your sandwiches from peanut butter. How about stuffed ciabatta buns with grilled veggies? Zucchini and pea mini tortillas? And my fave - turkey, avocado and greens. And of course quick brownies for dessert. ;0)

The pad thai recipe was great and literally took twenty minutes start to finish. There are many more mains - lots to put into play in the winter as well. (When I still strongly dislike spending more time than I have to in the kitchen)

I was delighted to find vegetarian, dairy-free and gluten-free selections as well. Big plus - the nutrition information per serving is included.

As with all DK books, there are gorgeous full colour photos on lovely glossy stock accompanying each recipe. See below for an example. For some reason, I don't mind cooking so much when I can see what the dish will look like. And a picture kinda makes your mouth water too. Here's an extended peek inside Cool Healthy and Quick.

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