Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Crash and Burn - Lisa Gardner

I'm a fan of  Lisa Gardner's DD Warren series and had expected this latest book to be another featuring the Boston PD detective. She does make a cameo in Crash and Burn, but this is a stand alone novel.

Nicky Frank crashes her car on a rainy night. She manages to crawl out of the wreckage, desperate to find a little girl named Vero. When police come upon the scene they mount a full scale search for the little girl. Nicky's husband is also located - and he tells them to call off the search. There is no little girl - Nicky has suffered more than one brain injury and is delusional. Or is she? Sargent Wyatt Foster has his suspicions and opens an investigation.

Gardner does a great job of playing with the reader. Nicky has memories but they're fractured. Her husband Thomas is evasive and secretive. Is there really anyone named Vero? The story is slowly played out as memories surface and Wyatt makes progress.

There were two readers for this book -  Christina Traister and Mikael Naramore. Although there are readers who can cover every part,  I do enjoy having two performers, especially when there are male and female roles. Both were excellent and conveyed the tension and mystery of Gardner's book.

Listening to a book provides a different experience than the written version. There was one line that is repeated throughout the story - "Vero wants to fly." Now it probably wouldn't have bothered me as much reading it - but I was so sick of hearing it by the middle of the book! (And I had an urge to count how many times Nicky said it)

Minor quibble aside, it was a good suspenseful listen. I did have things pretty much figured out by the end, but Gardner inserts a last twist before the final pages. A good read/listen but not my favourite from Gardner - I'll be watching for the next DD Warren.

Listen to an excerpt.


Kay said...

I do want to read this one. Have read several by Lisa Gardner that I've enjoyed. Now to just remember to look for it at the library. LOL

donna said...

I liked it a lot but I really enjoy all of her books. However, my husband didn't like it - he is waiting for a D D Warren. I still would recommend it.