Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Making Math Fun With DK Canada!

I can't believe that summer is almost over. When I was young, summer seemed to last a long time. The older I get though, the faster time flies. But the timing of back to school doesn't change - Labour Day heralds the end of summer for kids in Canada.
DK Canada has some great book ideas for your back to school youngster in their
Making Math Fun Boutique! (There's some great titles for the older crowd as well)

I have a very special guest blogger today - Six year old Max, who is headed to Grade One, is the reviewer today! (With a little help from his Mom!) Max is reviewing Math Made Easy Expanded Edition Grade One today. 

"I like math so I wanted this book. When I opened it there was a whole page of real gold stars. Mom would give them to me when I finished a page. There were lots of easy things like connect the dots, or looking at pictures and counting. It got harder as I did more of them. I tried to get three stars everyday."

"(Note from Mom- I thought it was funny when Max picked out this book but it is a great book. Since Max is going into Grade 1 it's helpful for me to know what he'll be working on and the star stickers were a great incentive. The pages/activities were all different but close together. Activities were repeated later in the book at a more challenging level showing progress. I found he often jumped all over the book to things he liked. We limited it to 3 pages a day so he didn't get bored of it - after all it is still summer!)"

From the publisher:

"Refreshed with a new look, this bestselling workbook series is tailored specifically to the needs of Canadian children from ages 5-11. Each workbook forms part of a complete home-study program designed to make math fun and exciting as well as to help children practice essential math skills so that they can reach their full potential in school. Each book includes detailed parents notes and helpful hints to assist parents with the learning process. Each title now includes an extra 44-page practice section! Features gold reward stars."

Thank you so much Max (and Mom) for your review! Have a great time in Grade One - and I have a feeling math isn't going to be too hard for you at all!

And check out Max's review of a leveled reader from the DK Reader's Boutique.

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