Monday, January 20, 2014

Start Something New with DK Canada!

Okay, so did you make New Year's Resolutions? Did they involve your health?'s it going? I don't know how many years I've made great plans, started off great.....and kinda let things peter out. Well, this year, I started in December with the idea to do nothing more than eat healthy and move. And you know what? So far so good!

DK Canada has a great selection of books to help you start something new - maybe it's your health, a new hobby or learning a new language. There are lots of choices in the Start Something New Boutique - all at 30% off.

I'm looking for lots of tips and hints to keep me on this path to better health.  Susannah Marriott has come up with quite a few them of them in her book 1001 Ways to Get In Shape.

Marriott has approached improving your health from many perspectives. The book is broken down into chapters including: Think Yourself in shape, Healthy at Home, Workout in your Work Life, Active and Outdoors, Have Fun Getting Fit, Family Heath Fix.

A couple I've put into play already:  When I really, really think I need that bread and butter, I've been doing 10 minutes of activity instead - turning on the stereo and dancing is fun - and then re-evaluating if it's really worth eating what I was craving. For the most part, the answer is no.

The workplace tips were really helpful. I spend a lot of time on a computer - there's a great piece on self-help reflexology for your hands and wrists.

There are recipes, exercise suggestions, calming strategies and so much more. And being a DK book, it's incredibly readable. Lots of colour pictures and well laid out on glossy stock. 1001 Ways to Get in Shape is one of those fun pick up and put down books - you'll always find another snippet to catch your eye and interest!

Now, Canada's fitness guide recommends 150 minutes of activity a day. I'm meeting that time frame most weeks. I started off with a fairly low key intensity but have been ramping things up slowly but surely. I ran when I was younger and have never forgotten how good it feels to just run. I would love to do it again. to do it safely and correctly?

The Complete Running and Marathon Book seems to have the answers I'm looking for.

The book starts off with the basics - an anatomy lesson on how the body works when we run. Getting ready to run - shoes, nutrition, stretches. And a handy chapter labelled - If You are a Beginner. That's the one for me!  Extra chapters include training programs for various distances, strengthening exercises, how to avoid injuries and more.

Now, the marathon is way beyond me, but I have high hopes for a shorter distance. Check in with me in the fall.

The Complete Running and Marathon book is replete with colour photos and very clear, concise information. DK books simply produces the best 'information' books around. They're always my first choice.

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