Friday, November 23, 2012

Notorious Nineteen - Janet Evanovich

I used a rare three days off last weekend to get all of my Christmas decorations up. And at the end of the day, I thought I just needed something fun to read by the twinkle of my newly hung lights.

My choice? The latest in the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich - Notorious Nineteen. (For those of you unfamiliar with these books - it is indeed the 19th book!)

Stephanie is still working as a bounty hunter for her cousin Vinnie in New Jersey. Her trusty sidekicks Lula (a one time self described 'ho ), office manager Connie and her Grandma Mazur are still by her side. But not too close  - Stephanie seems to be a magnet for trouble - notably for destroying cars.

The rent is due, so Stephanie is happy to get a skip that could pay her big bucks. A local retirement home owner has embezzled millions from the facility. He went into the hospital for emergency surgery, then vanished - along with the money. Detective Joe Morelli is also looking into the case. Security expert Ranger has hired her to watch his back at a wedding for one of his staff. (A horrible pink dress is involved.) And Steph seems to growing quite attached to a Tiki statue that may or may not be giving her advice. All in all, a typical day in the 'Burg.

And yes, the sexual tension is still there - between Steph and Ranger......and Steph and Morelli. Although, Evanovich does let Stephanie have some thoughts about her future in this book. Marriage? It might be time for Steph to make a decision. And Evanovich too - the last few books are virtually copies of themselves with the names of the skips changed.

But, the Plum books are fun to read. They're light-hearted and won't tax your brain. The whodunit isn't overly difficult to figure out, but it's the journey there that's enjoyable. And we all could use a good chuckle.

Reading these books is like a bowl of your favourite candy - you keep dipping your hand in, knowing what to expect, but you still enjoy every mouthful. (Yes, there was some Christmas candy involved in my reading...) And of course there is the burning question.....who would you pick? Morelli or Ranger? I'm kinda leaning towards Ranger.....

Read an excerpt of Notorious Nineteen. You can find Evanovich on Facebook and on Twitter.


Amy said...

I still have never read these books, though I saw the movie! ;)

Harvee said...

I stopped at No. 14 in the series as I felt the books just were carbon copies of each other and the ongoing indecision re Morelli vs Ranger was getting stale. She does need something new!

bermudaonion said...

These are quick, fun books but they are getting to be pretty much the same. Still, sometimes they're just what the book doctor ordered.

curlypow said...

I'm a Ranger fan myself! I heard that 20 was the magic number for this series, and as much fun as it has been, I do agree it has just about run its course.

Luanne said...

Amy - I saw the movie too, but am still not sure if it lived up to the mental images I'd built of the characgters.

Harvee, Kathy and Curlypow - I think we're all in agreement!