Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Immortal City - Scott Speer

It's resident teen blogger Ella's turn today! Here's her thoughts on her latest read - Immortal City by Scott Speer.

"The premise behind this one was actually really cool. Angel books have been the fad lately, but this one was different: Guardian angels have given up saving people for the heck of it and are now for-hire to the highest bidders. Because of this, they're all insanely rich, and have taken the place of A-list celebrities in the real world. The Immortal City is LA, and the male lead in the book, Jackson Godspeed, has an obsessed fanbase to rival Justin Bieber, making him the polar opposite of Madison Montgomery, the 100% average girl he meets by chance who has no interest in angels. Please don't get turned off by the irritating cliche in the description; while there are a few in the book, the unique worldbuilding makes up for it, I felt. Not a heavy read, but a satisfying one."

As always Ella - thanks for sharing! See you at work!

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