Friday, November 18, 2011

Sweetly - Jackson Pearce

Resident teen blogger Ella is back to share her thoughts on Sweetly by Jackson Pearce. (Seriously - that's a creepy cover!)

A modern retelling of Hansel and Gretel, with a few twists. Ansel and Gretchen just got kicked out by their stepmom. Their dad died a few years ago, and their mom didn't last long after Gretchen's twin was kidnapped by a 'witch' when they were little. They decide to start over on the East Coast, and pick a town at random. Half an hour away from the end of their cross-country  trek, the car breaks down, and they have no cash. Luckily, an attractive young choclatier needs help with a few home repairs. Nevermind that she lives alone in a candy coloured house in the middle of the woods. Have a piece of her candy, breathe in the smell, it'll take care of your worries. Those girls who disappear every year after the chocolate festival? Don't worry about it. Pure coincidence it's her event they disappear after. Just don't go in the forest, 'kay? And ignore the sea shells that keep showing up everywhere.
This book was pretty good. It wasn't scary, per se, just quite eerie at times. There was just this delicious feeling of dread for most of the second half, and though it was kind of predictable, I was still managed to be shocked when it all came together. I will never smell chocolate or look at a sea shell the same way again, and I'm terrified to go hiking. The witches were very creative, though they got kind of weird at the end. Good weird, though. I'm pretty sure this is in the same world as Sisters Red (which I haven't read), but it didn't really mention anything from the first one.

Read an excerpt of Sweetly. You can find Pearce on Facebook and on Twitter.

As always, thanks Ella for sharing your thoughts on some great reads!

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bermudaonion said...

The cover is definitely creepy. I don't really care for fairy tale retellings, but my sister loves them, so I'll tell her about this book.