Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Off the Tourist Trail - Dorling Kindersley Books

More delicious armchair travel! But with a twist this time. Off the Tourist Trail explores 'unexpected travel alternatives'. The authors of this book are the many travel writers who have contributed to the Eyewitness Travel books that DK publishers.

The format is pretty unique - alternatives to well known attractions, journeys, natural phenomenon and more such as Stonehenge, Niagara Falls and more are presented -up to six specifically related suggestions and up to 45 additional recommendations.

Many of the 'well-known' attractions were new to me, so I had just as much fun reading about them. But the off the beaten track destinations are amazing. Our world is so full of extraordinary sites and events. Many of them, I will never get a chance to see, so I enjoy travelling from my armchair. Each destination has a description along with practical information - getting there, where to stay, best time of the year to visit and a direct web address. ( I stopped many times to hop on the computer)

Of course, I always have to check out the Canadian suggestions. I was thrilled to see that Nova Scotia's Evangeline Trail was presented as an alternative to driving the old Route 66 in the US. We actually drove this trail this past summer and yes, it was pretty stunning. We took the train out to the East Coast to start, so I was interested to see the section on alternatives to the famous Orient Express train. The Canadian from T.O. to Vancouver is listed -  a trip I'd like to undertake. As was the Viking Trail in Newfoundland, an suggestion in the Great Journeys section.

I've focused on North America, but there are mostly world wide suggestions. The Camino de Santiago has attracted literally hundreds of thousands of walkers, but there are alternatives - a pilgrimage to Rome being one of them.

I'm always drawn to the small islands found as specks on maps and globes. I wonder at the people who live there and what their lives are like. I had never heard of the tropical Fernando de Noronha Islands, suggested as a substitute for the Galapagos Islands, but I'd sure love to visit!

This coffee table sized book is printed on glossy stock and filled with lots of sharp, clear photos. Perfect for an armchair getaway. Peek inside.

Bill Bryson wrote the forward for Off the Tourist Trail. He speaks about the book in the video below.

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