Friday, October 28, 2011

Held - Edeet Ravel

Resident Teen Blogger Ella is back! And this close to Hallowe'en she's reviewing a book that gave her the shivers - Held by Edeet Ravel.

"SUCH A SCARY BOOK. It was unsettlingly believable. Chloe gets kidnapped on her vacation in Greece, and wakes up alone in a gross warehouse. Understandably, she freaks out, to the point that when she meets her kidnapper for the first time, she feels relieved to see him, to get a break from the isolation. The kidnapper tells her she's being held ransom for a prisoner exchange, so she has no definite end of captivity in sight. The rest of the book is a crazy roller-coaster of emotion as she fights to escape and stay sane. She eventually develops feelings for her kidnapper, and you can't help but wonder if it's Stockholm syndrome or real, because he seems to care for her too. The whole thing is really eerie, and at the the end I couldn't tell if he was sincere, or just a terrifyingly good manipulator, although since he kidnapped her, I guess it doesn't really matter (attractive kidnappers are still kidnappers, no matter how many romance novels I read). Super good. I loved this book, despite the shivers I got. Ravel was in my head."

Read an excerpt of Held.   As always Ella, thanks for sharing your views on some great YA titles!


Pam (@iwriteinbooks) said...

Wow thanks, Ella! This looks really creep. Yikes!

bermudaonion said...

That sounds very creepy!

Cozy in Texas said...

I don't think I could read anything that involves kidnapping. Nothing could be more creepy.

Anonymous said...

I got Held by Eddet Ravel from my downtown library and I give it a 10 out of 10 and 2 thumbs up.It's great reading.Even after her release Chloe Mills continues to have deep feelings for her captor.I highly recommend Held for anyone who wants something good to read.