Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Covenant - Dean Crawford

Newly released today is Dean Crawford's debut novel Covenant.

Archaeologist Lucy Morgan is on a sanctioned dig in Israel. But it is what she discovers on her own time nearby that is unbelievable.

"The remains bore testimony to an enormously powerful creature, the internment a cavity over eight feet long....Ahmed looked at the bones, confused now by the unfamiliar terminology and the doctor's excitement. 'What's so special about it ?' A ghost of a smile touched Lucy's lips. "It's not human'."

But before Lucy can share her discovery with the world, she is abducted. When her family is unable to get assistance from either the American or Israeli government, they turn to former marine and war correspondent Ethan Warner for help. As Warner and Lucy's mother Rachel search, they find a conspiracy deeper than anyone could have imagined - governments, church, military and many unsavoury individuals - all with their own agendas.

Covenant's first five or six chapters introduce us to all the players  - and there are quite a few. I did find I had to refer back to some of the opening chapters in order to keep everyone straight for the first bit. Protagonist Ethan Warner is an interesting character who is still fighting demons from his own past. I was glad to see that Crawford did not make him omnipotent - able to figure out every puzzle right away or fight his way out of every situation. It allowed him to be both believable and likable. But I think my favourite character was actually Lopez, one of the DC cops who stumble onto the collusion. I was glad to see she will be brought back along with Warner in the next book of this planned series.

As for the plot - in some ways it seems a bit far fetched - a take on Area 51. But Crawford had me running to my computer many times to check out the science and historical references he makes in the book. And you know, they're out there and documented. Enough to really get you thinking and wondering. I thought it was an inventive, ambitious storyline. There are many twists and turns on the way to the final page.

For those who love mysteries, history, conspiracies and adventure, Covenant has it all. Recommended for fans of James Rollins and  Michael Crichton.
Read an excerpt of The Covenant.

On his blog, Dean Crawford describes himself as "A thriller writer with a good chance (I think) of success."  I think so too Dean! You can find Crawford on Facebook and on Twitter.


Anonymous said...

I've got this one on my wishlist. It has a fun conspiracy kind of feel to it. Just the right kind of book sometimes for me.

Marie said...

I was pitched this one, but I passed because I didn't like the cover. I was really busy that day and I don't even think I read the synopsis, because from your review, it sounds really good. I probably would have liked it. Oh well. Thanks for telling me what I missed. ;)

bermudaonion said...

I love Michael Crichton's books and think this one sounds good. I find the cover kind of creepy.

Pam (@iwriteinbooks) said...

Oh wow, this looks good but yeah, the cover it totally creeping me out...

Luanne said...

Kay - it is a good conspiracy novel - there are a LOTof threads to keep track of.

Marie - I wasn't sure about it either, but I was in the mood for a Dan Brown kind of book when I picked it up, so it was a pretty good read. I can send you my arc if you like - let me know.

Kathy and Pam - The cover is actually creepy - that extra phalange on the fingers...