Friday, August 19, 2011

Bloodline - Mark Billingham

For the longest time Mark Billingham was my little secret. I had discovered a fantastic author from across the pond and delighted in letting my crime/thriller aficionados at the library know about this fantastic author. Billingham is definitely not a secret any longer.

Bloodline is the eighth book to feature Murder Squad Detective Tom Thorne. Thorne is a wonderfully conflicted, stubborn, clever man who sometimes makes the wrong choices...

Thorne is called out on what seems to be a domestic murder. It looks like the husband is the culprit and Thorne is happy to have a quick open and shut case. But when a piece of x-ray is found in the victim's fist, the case isn't  as straight forward as he thought. Another crime victim is also found with a piece of x-ray that jigsaws the first piece. With those two clues, Thorne pieces together what the two victims have in common - and it isn't pretty. I don't want to spoil the plot -  so I'm not going to let you know what it is!

Thorne has his hands full this time, facing a killer who is incredibly clever...and has his eye on Thorne.

I love this character. Billingham has slowly revealed more and more of him every book. His personal life seems to be coming together at last, but with Thorne you never know. I enjoy his taste in music as well!

The plot is very, very clever. As is the killer. Billingham had me guessing until the very end.

Read an excerpt of Bloodline. You can find Mark Billingham on Facebook and on Twitter.

If you've caught up on all of the Michael Connelly or John Sandford series, get started on Mark Billingham - highly recommended.

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