Monday, May 16, 2011

Come and Find Me - Hallie Ephron

Here's an interesting, but not unexpected crossover. Hallie Ephron is a noted mystery reviewer for the Boston Globe newspaper. Come and Find Me is her second stand alone suspense novel.

Ephron has come up with a great plot and an interesting protagonist. Diana Banks has been confined to her home with severe anxiety and panic attacks following the death of her husband Daniel two years ago. However, she has managed to carry on working with their third partner, Jake, in their Internet security business. Diana has managed to do this by holding meetings in OtherWorld (techies and net savvy gamers will recognize the concept of Second Life here) Basically, it's a complete virtual world. This allows Diana to function - to a certain degree. However, when her sister goes missing, Diana is forced to venture outside at last - and it looks like someone really would be happier if she didn't.

I find the concept of people operating and living behind an avatar fascinating. (Indeed there have been quite a few movies using this vehicle) Really, is anyone who they say they are or as they present themselves online? The idea of virtual meetings is reality based. Ephron's use of agoraphobia as the reason for Diana's self imposed incarceration is well written, but I do question Diana's ability to do what she does once she 'escapes' with the help of a few pills.

I found the plot moved along very quickly but it was a bit jarring in places.  The focus seemed to be on action, rather than character development. I never really connected with the players and found them somewhat stilted and one dimensional.

Come and Find Me is a pager turner, one I read fairly quickly. A good, entertaining read that won't strain your brain too much. Romantic suspense fans would enjoy this book. And you might think twice about what you put out there on the web - nothing is as it seems....

Read an excerpt of Come and Find Me.


Anonymous said...

I've read a couple of other positive reviews of this one. I'm intrigued by the whole "virtual" thing. Thanks for sharing!

bermudaonion said...

This does sound interesting!

Luanne said...

Kay - I've visited Second Life just to see - and it is amazing - there really is another world online.

Kathy - the whole idea of it was very interesting.