Friday, May 6, 2011

100 Greatest Trips 2011 - Editors Travel + Leisure Magazine

I'm in the midst of planning a vacation this summer - destinations still to be determined, although I have some ideas. 100 Greatest Trips was a great place to browse for new ideas. (And sometimes armchair travel is the only way I'll get to some destinations!)

From the introduction:
"The 100 featured destinations are culled from the thousands of places covered during the past year in the pages of Travel + Leisure. Our mission is simple: to get our readers out to experience the world. A wide -ranging and wildly flavorful blend of destinations and travel ideas, this volume presents 100 solid answers to the question, What's new in the world for me to see?"
Broken down into continent, then country and region, I started with the North American chapter - the one I have the most chance of travelling to! I discovered that I've been to some of the Canadian mentions - Quebec City and Toronto. But it's more fun to read of the places I haven't been and daydream. Although there are mentions of the larger cities such as Boston, New York and Chicago, it was the off the beaten track trips that appealed to me. Little Cranberry Island in Maine is only 2 square miles, but boasts a school, a library and a vibrant community of 80 year round residents.

Off to Europe and England in particular. Did you know that the National Trust manages over 370 vacation rentals in England, Wales and northern Ireland? Many of these properties are centuries old. The historical cities of Europe all boast fantastic places to see and visit - Paris, Madrid, Greece, Munich and more.

Africa, the Middle East and Asia merit chapters as well. Then on to one place I definitely want to see someday - Australia and New Zealand. And more little known places, such as Kangaroo Island, where the Hog Bay Hill Hotel boasts 3 rooms. I wasn't even aware of The Vava'u Islands - 34 small isles that are part of Tonga.

100 Greatest Trips is a full colour production with lots of photos and glossy stock. Appendices include  where to eat and stay for each destination along with a coded price key.

I love looking at travel books and 100 Greatest Trips is an informative, inspirational, off the beaten track guide, perfect for daydreaming or doing.


bermudaonion said...

Sounds like a great book to dream by.

Pam (@iwriteinbooks) said...

Mmmm I love list books and this looks amazing. Just in time for summer travels, right? A girl can dream. ;O)

Luanne said...

Kathy and Pam- I just love to look at travel books and dream too!