Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gideon's War - Howard Gordon

I am a fan of the television series 24. Sadly it has come to an end. But writer and producer Howard Gordon has donned yet another hat and written his first novel Gideon's War.

Gideon Davis is a skilled political negotiator. He believes in peace without violence. His skills are recognized and appreciated by the current White House administration. Family friend Earl Parker - also deputy national security advisor - calls on Gideon to put those talents to use. A rogue agent has agreed to surrender, but only to Gideon. The agent - his estranged brother. When the planned surrender goes awry, Gideon is forced to choose between his beliefs and the need to stop terrorists who have taken an oil rig in the South China sea hostage. Their plan could start a war. His only ally - oil rig manager Kate Murphy.

This was a great read! I have to admit - I immediately pictured Jack Bauer as Gideon. The action is non stop, the escapes, twists and turns are over the top, but provide a thrill ride of a read. Kate Murphy should not be ignored either. She's tough as nails and rivals Gideon for nerve and determination. The political intrigue and terrorist angle is current but doesn't overpower or bog down the story at all. This is where I usually get glassy eyed and flip forward. Not this time.

Over the top - yes. Great escapist reading - definitely yes! I can see future books featuring Gideon - and maybe Kate too? Fans of 24 will love it. Read an excerpt of Gideon's War.

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bermudaonion said...

Can you believe I never watched 24? Someone else told me they really liked this book, so it sounds like I need to check it out.