Monday, August 9, 2010

The Search - Nora Roberts

Okay, I admit it - I was a Nora Roberts virgin. I know, I know, 191 books in print - 169 of them New York Times bestsellers and I hadn't read a one. So trying to be a well rounded reader, I  picked up her latest - The Search - on a hot lazy Sunday afternoon in the hammock. Perfect choice!

Fiona Bristow was the lucky one. Destined to be the 13th victim of the Red Scarf Killer serial killer, she fought back, escaped and he was captured, prosecuted and jailed. Fiona's fiancee was also a victim. She has retreated to Orcas Island where she works as a  dog trainer and also leads a volunteer canine search and rescue group.  Simon, a talented wood artist, is also looking for peace and quiet when he moves to Orcas. But his puppy Jaws needs professional help and he seeks out Fee. Well, sparks fly.... But danger is afoot as well. Although the killer is safely behind bars, someone seems to be on a mission to duplicate his work. Is Fiona in his sights?

Roberts has created a strong female lead in Fiona. Simon is the rough and ready, not looking for a relationship kind of guy (who of course just happens to be really attractive) The interactions between the two are entertaining if not wholly believable. I got a little tired of hearing Simon say shut up. There's some steamy sex scenes between the two that did a steamy day justice. For the most part, the story is more on their budding relationship with the killer taking a back seat. Yes the suspense is there, but those looking for a high level thriller won't find it here.

As a dog lover, what I did really like were the dog training scenes. Lots of good information, some I've tried - I've got one who likes to jump up on people - and it worked! I found the search and rescue operations and methodology just as interesting. Some readers may find this slows them down. Great dog quote from the book "One of the best things about dogs, to Fiona's mind, was their absolute joy in welcoming you home, whether you'd been gone for five minutes or five days. There lay unconditional and boundless love. 'And I really liked her descriptions of the setting she chose. A cute little cottage in the woods, with beaches nearby? Sign me up. Orcas Island is real.

So I enjoyed my first foray into Roberts' territory - great escapist reading that didn't tax my brain. Fans of romantic suspense will enjoy Nora Roberts. It kind of reminded me a bit of Iris Johansen's writing. I can see why she's at the top of her game.

Read an excerpt of The Search.

Roberts also writes under the nom de plume of J.D. Robb and has a highly successful 30 book series - the futuristic In Death books.


My Life With Books - Jennifer K Jovus said...

How funny, I am a Nora Roberts virgin too and read the first chapter of the search last night. Seems like it will be a good book!

Mystica said...

I have also not read her at all. Time to start I think.

Luanne said...

I'll be curious to see what you think kjovus.

Mystica - With so many books out, I knew I had to read at least one and see what she was like!

bermudaonion said...

Nora Roberts is hit or miss for me, so I've only read a few of her books. I had no idea she has so many out!

D Q said...

I have read many Nora Roberts books and enjoyed them all.

Marilu said...

I am a Nora Roberts virgin! I have never read anything she published under the name JD Robb either. I have heard great things about her books. I have a couple of friends that read them all!

Carol Ann said...

I've read Nora Roberts years ago, then got interested in others and hadn't gone back to read any others. I received a copy of Black Hills and am 3/4 of the way through. Now I wonder why I haven't been keeping up. The Search sounds good. I'll have to get a copy.

Carol Ann Erhardt

clenna said...

I LOVE Nora Roberts. She's great.

Espana said...

The Search and loved it. It was a great story with wonderful characters that you truly get to know and love. The story reads like an easy beach read but the thriller aspect keeps you on the edge of your seat. I couldn't put it down and in true Nora Roberts style, her descriptions are so real you feel like you are actually on Orcas Island with Fiona and Simon. If you love Nora Roberts, you'll love this latest novel.