Monday, May 31, 2010

The Author Effect (and their Kindle giveaway!)

I read Catherine McKenzie's debut novel Spin earlier this year. When I heard about her new initiative "The Author Effect", I knew I wanted to be part of it. She has started a new Facebook group called 'I bet we can make these books bestsellers".

In Catherine's words;

"I'm calling it the AUTHOR EFFECT, because, well, if I called it the OPRAH EFFECT I'd probably get sued. Every three months or so we (I probably just mean I, but I am open to suggestions!) will pick a book or books that I think should be read by the masses but just aren't because, well, that just seems to be the book business these days. Why do I think I know anything about picking books others will enjoy? Hubris, probably. But more seriously, haven't you usually found that when someone is really enthusiastic about something, it's usually worth taking a look at? I sure have. Now, while I am an author, this is NOT about promoting my own books (I swear). I'm just trying to pay the incredible luck and good fortune I've had forward. Do a good deed. Maybe change someone's life for the better. And who says Oprah's the only one who can get people reading. Are you with me?"

You can catch Catherine in this Focus Montreal video talking about The Author Effect. (about 17:37)

The current selections are: Jessica Z. and Two Years, No Rain by Shawn Klomparens

Facebook group: I bet we can make these books bestsellers
Goodreads group: Make a book a bestseller
Catherine’s Twitter handle: @CEMcKenzie1
Shawn’s Twitter handle: @sklompar

Oh did I mention the great incentive Catherine is offering.....a Kindle. Here's the fine print:

We will be giving away a Kindle. Draw will be August 15th. Open to US and Canada.

You can enter as follows:
1. For each purchase of the book(s) you will get five entries - proof of purchase will be photo of book in hand emailed to or photo/email of receipt
2. For joining Facebook group or group on Goodreads you will get one entry
3. For tweeting about project you will get one entry
4. For blogging about project you will get two entries
5. For each friend you get to join Facebook group or purchase the books you will get one entry - they can email me at or message me on FB or Twitter to tell me who they have gotten to join or purchase books.

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